Big Time Gaming Casinos that Accept PayID

As a gambler, you should always consider Big Time Gaming Casinos that accept PayID. This is because of the extra security features and the efficiency PayID usually offers its users.

Today, Big time gaming provides software for online demo casino slot machines and Casino sites like:

  • National Casino
  • Mirax casino
  • Woo Casino
  • Hell Spin
  • Cookie Casino.

However, there are still no Big Time Gaming PayID casinos online. Players are still wagering in casino sites with ordinary payment systems. But we are hopeful that Big Time gaming will provide online slots with PayID soon.

About PayID

PayID is a reliable and convenient Australian payment system that started in 2018 with an initiative to make transaction of funds smooth.

Registering for this payment system is easy and guarantees secure, smooth, and flexible payments within Australia. Today, several banks and businesses are using PayID as a mode of payment. The easy-to-memorize numbers also make it efficient for users to log in or signup for a PayID.

If you are an active gambler, you need a PayID to transact funds smoothly to and from your internet bank account or mobile banking account. PayID uses advanced security features that make it impossible for fraudsters to hack. Moreover, users confirm the receiver’s details first before sending any payments.

Using Your PayID

Using a PayID is simple. There are only 2 steps involved:

  1. Share your PayID with the sender. Go to “settings,” “PayID,” “share PayID.”
  2. Choose an app you wish to send the PayID

Note: you can only register 1 PayID.

Other Advantages of PayID

  1. No unauthorized action can continue if you are using PayID
  2. Users can link several PayIDs (email addresses) to the same bank account. This is up to 5 email addresses
  3. Use the banking app to transfer funds to a specific PayID

About Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming is an innovative gaming house started in 2011 by Nik Robson, a business acumen. Today, this video game provider is a powerhouse operated by Evolution Gaming Group, a private entity company with offices in Surry Hill, New South Wales, Australia.

BTG provides a few exciting games like Millionaire Rush, Star Cluster, Golden Catch, Apollo Pays, and Beef Lightning. There are also several categories like MegaQuads, MegaStacks, MegaWays, and Dual Reaction for you to enjoy. It also provides exciting slots to over 350 online game providers.

Multiplayer online video games, for instance, allows you to team up with friends and explore adventures across time and space – from ancient times to the civilized world. It is among the best online video game a player can make lucrative winnings.

Big Time Gaming also contributes to a few popular games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Overwatch, and God of War. This company’s team offers technical support, innovative ideas, artistic work, and advanced technology to their games. Also, the team includes all-star veterans like EA and Blizzard who guarantee the best experience in online gaming.

As the name suggests, Big Time Gaming offers “Big” Wins to players through BTG Slots. There are thousands of ways you can win while playing the games.