Is Gambling Allowed on PayID

Gambling, also known as gaming or betting, is taking a risk or wagering something that has value in anticipation of gaining. It involves three primary considerations, the amount set aside, taking the risk, and getting a prize.

In Australia, gambling is among many of the most well-known casino games, and when playing the game, one must fund the account, and upon winning the prize, there is a withdrawal process.

Is Gambling Allowed on PayID

PayID Basics

PayID is one of the revolutionary payment services that make it easier and possible to send money using a phone number or an email. 

PayID is a faster, easier way to send money, making it possible to address payments using an email or phone number. And since Online casino players do not want to see their lobbies packed with games and no payment system, they have embraced PayID to achieve the goals of depositing funds and immediately starting to play the games.

It also enables swift withdrawals, and the confidentiality of one’s financial and personal information is enhanced.

Benefits of Using PayID

Using PayID in online casinos has enormous benefits that any player should know.

  • Use of Easy Addresses that are easy to Remember- Unlike bank accounts with many numbers, PayID allows users to use something easy to remember. For instance, using an email address, one does not have to share the BSB number, which enhances security.
  • Identifying Wrong Payment’s Name-There are times that one might make a mistake when inputting the address number as you try to send money. Before sending the money, PayID will show the recipient’s name before making the approval. Making payments for online casino games can be tempting, and the urgency of sending could lead to such errors. But the relief is that protection is enhanced before clicking the last button.
  • Eliminates the Need to Carrying Cash-The fact that we have gone cashless globally, some circumstances force one to use physical cash, which is a physical threat. If you pay using PayID, gambling becomes a safer and a convenient mode of money transfer.

How Сan Gambling Clients Get a PayID?

There are many ways in which clients can access their PayID and be able to play their online casino games safely.

Step 1:  Enquire from the financial institution where you are a member if they offer PayID services and if it is available for the type of account you hold. In Australia, most banks provide PayID services.

Step 2: If available, there are two options to set it up; either using the mobile banking app or setting it up yourself. Confirming your identity is a compulsory process during the setup.

Step 3: Link the PayID to your bank account to allow other people to send money to your account or assist you in depositing to the casinos for playing the games.


If you are a gambling client looking for an absolutely safe way to make payments and receive funds, and a free service, give it a try by signing up for PayID, and you will be amazed by the swift process.