RTG Casinos that Accept PayID

PayID is one of the innovative payment solutions established to allow direct transfer from banks in Australia. Many Casinos are working with PayID because of its effectiveness and, more so, being a real-time payment method.

It has been seen to integrate with some of the best Casinos in the Australia, one of them being the RTG Casinos.

Some of the RTG Casinos that Accept PayID are;

  • Bizzo Casino
  • Vegas Hero
  • Stellar Spins
  • Hell Spin
  • Bambet
  • Lets Lucky
  • Uptown

About PayID

PayID, an Australian innovative direct payment solution, has been embraced by many online service providers. It’s an exceptional payment service in the sense that it does not require one to memorize the banking details.

 One can use the mobile number or email address as opposed to the BSB method of payment. It is convenient, especially for casino players who wish to withhold their financial details.

Since it is an Australian payment method, one must integrate it with the financial institutions to make it a success.

How PayID Works

PayID is a piece of valuable information, for instance, your phone number that links to the bank account to receive or send money. For one to send money, you must know the unique number of the recipient and the reverse.

Below are the steps to show how PayID works:

  1. Visit the PayID website and search for find my bank option.
  2. Choose your bank and confirm if they accept the PayID.
  3. Link your bank account with the phone number or the email address which are most used in RTG Casinos.
  4. Start transacting once the linking is successful.

Advantages of Using PayID

  • It is Safe – The fact that one does not have to provide the account number to the sender is an assurance of confidentiality and safety. On the same note, sending money using PayID will prompt you with the recipient’s name before approval for payment, reducing the risk of losing money.
  • Fast – Users have praised the payment solution as a real-time method. Online casino players love receiving money instantly to continue with their game; hence, this is the utmost solution.
  • Flexibility – The method allows users to use multiple PayIDs and link them to the same bank account or different accounts.

About RTG

RTG, or Realtime Gaming, is a software associated with the best gambling brands in the world and mostly practiced in the United States. Because of its reputation, it has attracted many online casino players because of releasing new slots and table gaming variations.

Aussie‚Äôs have also embraced the software  because of its flexibility and ability to use many payment solutions to accommodate the needs of its players, and one of them is the PayID.

Some of the most popular modes of payment for RTG include;

  • Use of Cryptos
  • Verified Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Worldwide bank draft

RTG Pay Casinos online have also found this a convenient method; being a new system in Australia, it comes with many advantages bearing in mind that, gambling is a risky event, and players are looking for a product that would offer them the solution.

RTG has gained a reputation online too because of various factors, one of them being brilliant and varied bonuses that suit all players.

Despite that there could be hitches associated with the payment system, it remains an exceptional service that all casino players residing in Australia need to embrace.